The 2012 Season

July 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

This year things have been a little up in the air for the Denver Urban Truck Farm. Our lack of communication has been due to many factors… Ashleigh and I graduated in May and we’ve been pounding the pavement looking for full-time jobs, and without any income we have yet to plant the truck for this year. Several weeks ago, however, we received a microgrant from Slow Food Denver! As soon as we receive the funds we will be planting the truck for 2012 and we will begin contacting schools for the early fall. It may be a shorter season this year, but we will be out on the streets again soon!

Happy summer!

Truck-fresh cocktails

September 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last weekend we had our first restaurant event thus far. What a fun couple of days! Beatrice and Woodsley, one of Denver’s premiere farm-to-table restaurants was interested in partnering with us for a weekend brunch event. At their suggestions, bartenders developed some delicious cocktails based on the herbs that we had available, and patrons were able to come out and pick their own herbs while interacting with the Truck Farm, which was parked right in front of the restaurant. It was quite a hit and those bartenders came up with some incredible drinks! We met a lot of new people and got some terrific exposure for the Farm. It was a really fun end-of-summer weekend for everyone. A sincere thank you to Beatrice and Woodsley for putting this event together with us!

School days

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we took the Truck Farm to Schmitt Elementary in southwest Denver for their Get in the Action healthy living fair, sponsored by Action for Healthy Kids. It was a fun, sunny afternoon and the kids really loved the truck! It was great to see their reactions upon telling them that they could, in fact, EAT those leaves from the basil, mint, chives, and other fresh herbs. Several of them seemed pretty skeptical about the notion of eating something straight from the dirt – but some classic peer pressure from their classmates did the trick! Thus far I’d have to say that one of the most rewarding parts of this endeavor has been to see the amazement in kids faces when they discover where actual food comes from. Sad state of America’s food system aside, it’s a great experience to be a part of the movement to change the status quo. A special thanks to Scott Muir for helping us out yesterday also! Here are some shots from the event. We will be at Asbury Elementary in the University neighborhood on Thursday, September 15.

On a final note – Schmitt’s brand spankin’ new playground is pretty swell! UCD’s Learning Landscapes program is redesigning and rebuilding all of Denver Public Schools elementary playgrounds, and many of my classmates in the Landscape Architecture program have been a part of this process. DPS kids are getting some fantastic playgrounds. Very exciting!

Disregard our silence

August 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any updates. Both Ashleigh and I spent much of our summer in Europe, though luckily for the farm, at different times. My travels through Finland, Estonia, Russia, Germany, and Denmark were incredible and the food culture in Europe is outstanding. Finland has the most amazing berries I’ve ever tasted!

We’re both back in Denver now, we’ve made some swaps in the truck and things are growing, growing, growing! We have some fun events coming up in September too. We will be participating in some Healthy Living fairs at several Denver elementary schools and we have some fun brunch events lined up with a local restaurant (more on that later)! August and September are the best months of the year for Colorado produce and we will see you back at the Old South Pearl Farmer’s Market in September, when hopefully it is cooler.

A hot, hot Sunday

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

This Sunday’s market was pretty fantastic all around! It was a hot, hot Denver day and we sold quite a few t-shirts – thank you to all who bought one. Our t-shirts are the only way we currently have of recouping any of the costs of the Truck Farm. Ashleigh and I have thus far been spending our own money to build and maintain the project, so your support really helps! We also met quite a few new faces and made some great connections for future school visits and community events.

Also, in the past two weeks we’ve met several people who recognized us from the Truck Farm film! We’re thrilled that people have seen Wicked Delicate’s film and are excited about our unique urban agriculture project. We hope to have some copies for Denverites soon!

Lastly, everything is growing wonderfully! Check out some shots from South Pearl Street, June 12, 2011!

Market season

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

The first Old South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market was on Sunday, June 5th and it was a great success! Denver Urban Truck Farm got a sweet spot on the corner of South Pearl and Florida under a great big Elm tree. We appreciate the shade since the Denver heat is upon us already! The market has expanded this year, with even more great local vendors. I even heard a rumor that our favorite food truck Pinche Tacos will be making appearances this year…

We had quite a few repeat visitors who knew us from last year, and plenty of first-timers as well. Everyone seemed enthusiastic about the project, and we made some great new contacts with local renewable energy groups and some South Pearl Street restaurants. The truck looks fantastic and is much more full than last year. We had a few casualties since planting, but we will soon need to thin out some of the larger plants as they grow, so now we will have some flexible space. Cool season crops are looking great and we will already be harvesting some arugula and herbs this week!

See you all next week – and very soon at Civic Center Eats as well!

We have a farm!

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s official! Denver Urban Truck Farm 2011 is planted and ready to roll around town! This past Sunday we hosted a small group to barbeque and help plant the truck. On Saturday we got a fresh load of planting soil and added the three bags of compost we received from the Whole Foods event. This year we have a bit deeper soil which the plants should love. We also learned a valuable lesson last year – you don’t have to follow the instructions on plant tags literally. We had so much wasted space in the truck last year so we decided to fill it in more this time.

Unfortunately, our seeds did not do so well. We are still not sure the exact cause, and it was our first time ever starting seeds. They did not like the trays, or perhaps we started them too early and they needed to be transplanted sooner. Colorado spring is neither friendly for plants nor predictable, and we have had a few weeks of especially Oregonian weather. This delayed our planting. So, we ended up having to buy starts for the truck again. We did stick with cool weather crops – three varieties of lettuce, broccoli, rainbow chard, bunching onions, arugula, and a large assortment of herbs. Since we are going to be potentially working with some local restaurants this summer, after some helpful input, we decided to increase the number of herbs which will be much more useful for cocktails and garnishes and make our partnerships more beneficial for everyone. Additionally, we planted a row of marigolds on either side of the truck, along with a couple of nasturtiums, to ward off pests and bring some color to the truck.

Also, our seed starting was not entirely wasted – we started several rows of French Breakfast radishes in between the young plants. These radishes are delicious and only take about three weeks to harvest so they can be in and out before the other plants get to be too large! We’re excited to see how this experiment turns out.

Old South Pearl Street market starts in early June!