Things Are A-Growin’

June 24, 2010 § 2 Comments

Sure enough, all those veggies we planted in the truck are doing wonderful! Well, except our basil – which I have never been able to keep alive for the life of me. Finicky little herb, basil is. Everything else looks great though! The cabbages are getting huge, there are several very large peppers, and we even have a few tomatoes starting to ripen! It should be an exciting day at the market this Sunday – come by and see the farm!

Additionally, the Denver Urban Gardens event was great and their documentary “Green Shoots” is fantastic! They did a great job showing the connection between community gardening and public health. I urge you to check out the film, it should be on their website soon. The DUG folks really liked the truck farm as well…


§ 2 Responses to Things Are A-Growin’

  • sarah says:

    I love this idea… I saw a posting on a friends Facebook profile(I used to live in Aspen)… and followed the links to your blog… wow amazing…. bravo… stupid question, do you drive your truck around (obviously probably) and do you have a cover to protect the plants when you drive…? great pictures and thanks for the inspiration~


    • hi sarah! thanks for your comment – and for following the truck farm project! we do in fact drive the truck, though not very far, and never on the freeway. we stick to city streets and don’t really drive above 35 mph, so the plants actually do just fine. we figure we added about 1000 lbs. to the bed, but the truck is a ford f250, so it can handle it no problem.

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