A Film and a [Small] Late-Summer Harvest

September 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

It has been ENTIRELY too long since any updates from the Urban Truck Farm – my sincerest apologies! Summer came to an end and school began again at UC Denver, so Ashleigh and I have been pretty consumed.

However, we have had a very big past month! In mid-August, Ian Cheney of Wicked|Delicate and his cameraman Taylor came to visit Denver and film the Truck Farm for their upcoming short film, appropriately named Truck Farm. It was a great day and we had an awesome time with the guys. We drove around the city as Taylor hung out the window filming us cruising the city, and we even pulled up rogue-style to the back end of the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market to get some reactions from the public. It was a great experience and we can’t wait to see the film! We’ll have more info as soon as we know!

We’ve also been able to “harvest” a few more small batches of stuff from the Truck lately! This evening I made a great little batch of bruschetta with fresh Truck tomatoes, jalapeños, and basil – tasty on a little baguette!

In other news, we pulled up some heavily bug-damaged cabbage and sowed a row of green beans for the cool season. They are sprouting and I’ll post some pictures soon! Ashleigh took the Truck to a local elementary school this past week to talk to some of the kids, at the request of a parent who saw us at the market. The parents and teachers loved it, but the kids were more interested in that very cool old truck! Lastly, we’ll be at the Old South Pearl Farmer’s Market again tomorrow, and Colorado Public Radio will be interviewing us for an upcoming story! Come by and say hi!


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