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Gardeners and farmers love it – and they came out in droves to get it for free at the Washington Park Whole Foods on Saturday. Every spring and fall the store provides free compost for the community, made from their own food scraps throughout the year. What a stellar way to help the planet and give back to the community! We made a brief appearance, helped some people fill up burlap sacks and load them into their cars. It was a great opportunity to chat with people about the Truck Farm and get them excited for the upcoming season. We also pitched Wicked Delicate’s Creative Gardening contest and had several interested parents and teachers. Hopefully Denver is well represented in those photo submissions!

We even got some free compost for the Truck Farm which will come in handy VERY SOON! Thanks to Andrew at Whole Foods for keeping us in mind for his community events!

For more info on the Wicked Delicate Creative Gardening competition go to Truck FarmĀ  and click on “The Contest”.


Seeds and More!

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A few weeks ago we took our first steps towards Denver Urban Truck Farm 2011. Rocky Mountain Seed Co. was having a liquidation sale (unfortunately they have now closed after 80 years), and we snagged TONS of seeds, including many heirloom varieties, for 25 cents per packet! Shortly thereafter we had a seed planting day at Ashleigh’s and started quite a few trays of lettuces, radishes, kale, chard, and other cool season vegetables. This was our first time planting seeds and we were not sure how well it would turn out. Fortunately they have all sprouted! We have seedlings galore now and we can’t wait to transplant them in a few more weeks! In the coming weeks we will be getting soil and compost and preparing the truck for the 2011 season.

Additionally, with the help of some friends we have been developing a restaurant sponsorship program for the season. This program is still in the works but we have already had some interest from a couple local restaurateurs! The general proposal is that restaurants can sponsor the Denver Urban Truck Farm for three-week blocks. During those three weeks, we will park the truck in front of the restaurant on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and chefs will be able to use available produce during those times. In return we are asking for a 1% donation of profits from each evening to help recoup costs associated with starting, running, and maintaining the Denver Urban Truck Farm. We are very excited about this proposal and hope that it will be well-received by Denver’s incredible restaurant community. We feel that a partnership like this will benefit all parties and help further Denver’s commitment to local food choices. More to come on this in the near future!

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