We have a farm!

May 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s official! Denver Urban Truck Farm 2011 is planted and ready to roll around town! This past Sunday we hosted a small group to barbeque and help plant the truck. On Saturday we got a fresh load of planting soil and added the three bags of compost we received from the Whole Foods event. This year we have a bit deeper soil which the plants should love. We also learned a valuable lesson last year – you don’t have to follow the instructions on plant tags literally. We had so much wasted space in the truck last year so we decided to fill it in more this time.

Unfortunately, our seeds did not do so well. We are still not sure the exact cause, and it was our first time ever starting seeds. They did not like the trays, or perhaps we started them too early and they needed to be transplanted sooner. Colorado spring is neither friendly for plants nor predictable, and we have had a few weeks of especially Oregonian weather. This delayed our planting. So, we ended up having to buy starts for the truck again. We did stick with cool weather crops – three varieties of lettuce, broccoli, rainbow chard, bunching onions, arugula, and a large assortment of herbs. Since we are going to be potentially working with some local restaurants this summer, after some helpful input, we decided to increase the number of herbs which will be much more useful for cocktails and garnishes and make our partnerships more beneficial for everyone. Additionally, we planted a row of marigolds on either side of the truck, along with a couple of nasturtiums, to ward off pests and bring some color to the truck.

Also, our seed starting was not entirely wasted – we started several rows of French Breakfast radishes in between the young plants. These radishes are delicious and only take about three weeks to harvest so they can be in and out before the other plants get to be too large! We’re excited to see how this experiment turns out.

Old South Pearl Street market starts in early June!


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